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5 ways social media is feeding the sales pipeline

The sales pipeline can often be a little less clear than other business operations. Or, maybe the sales pipeline’s murkiness is more obvious when you know what questions to ask–questions that may not be front-of-mind. Have you given any thought lately about how social media – especially LinkedIn – can feed your sales pipeline? Social media is one of the most influential ways to generate traffic to your website. Since many different industries rely on social media for customer engagement, it’s not hard to find people who are eager to learn more about what they’re generating interest in. Whether you’re appealing to mavens for advice or looking for influencers who might be able to champion your new business on their own timelines, you’ll need insights into how these networks work – and what the KPIs are by which success on any given

Why social media should be a top priority for sales

Social media is a fast-growing space, making it an important space for enablement. The theory being that by 2020, there will be 5 billion mobile social media users, many of whom are prospects. For this reason, it’s not only wise to invest in the appropriate tools for monitoring social feeds for insights into your market, but doing so can have immediate benefits. Social media • is the most powerful • is available to everyone and • is free. It can be seen as an early stage in the sales pipeline Social media adds a new dimension to sales by: • increasing awareness and visibility of your products and services in your market segment and among potential clients and helps with: – determining what customers need before they know what they’re looking for – staying in touch with current customers about promotions, changes, and product availability.

How to implement social media to feed your pipeline

Facebook as a content distribution engine, LinkedIn as a platform for Business Directory listings, Twitter as a publishing and social connection engine. YouTube as a video hosted video portal. Instagram as a visual story-telling app unmatched by other social media platforms because of its ability to reach 30% to 60% of 18-29 year olds. Social media is a huge global phenomenon is still growing in importance. It’s being used by businesses everywhere, not just for marketing but for communications, research, advertising campaigns and more. Successful companies have extended their social customer care activities with blogs or by reusing tweets to generate additional traffic that can be converted into leads or sales.

5 income engine strategies you can use on LinkedIn alone

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform that can help you find new connections and grow your network. Make the most of its features and see what the possibilities are: -Build a company page -Use your mobile app to connects and close deals -Engage and connect with existing customers and prospects -Work on relationship building for high value clients A LinkedIn profile has the potential to be one of your best sources for new clients. The social site enables professionals to “virtually” talk with one another, send direct messages, maintain conversations through groups, and grow their network by making industry connections. One of the most powerful features is its work information. If you are an expert in your field, LinkedIn will make it easy for you to share your credentials and accomplishments with people who might not know about you. If you don’t want to reveal too much personal information publicly on LinkedIn, an Avata business account is a good solution!

Is your nontraditional team using LinkedIn’s native lead generation capabilities?

It can be difficult to find a LinkedIn Sales Engagement Manager, but ultimately, it’s worth it. The team will set up LinkedIn campaigns that add keywords and tags that will finesse the visibility of your company in Google search results. In this way, when prospective clients conduct a search, they’re more likely to end up on your webpage rather than one of your competitors’. The focus from the blog title deals with creating effective marketing strategies in a social environment in order to generate increased sales. The bullet point Language: English details a specific note for English-language blogs who would like to use LinkedIn’s native lead generation capabilities when having a nontraditional team.

What tools will help sales create content worthy of being social

Today’s savvy buyers are seeking content that reflects their holistic lifestyles. From their computers and smartphones to print media, they want content that is more than just text. Photos, videos, audio, links – it all needs to be on point. Visual storytelling along with better messaging of how your product solves customer-specific issues will keep your sales pipeline full. Customer-centric content not only keeps them engaged, it also provides a constant stream of user-generated content that drives interest and traffic through your sales pipeline. The best tools for freelance marketers often provide a repository or library of image, video and text assets that contain the tone, style and message you want to convey.

The perfect interview process with social influencers

Social influencer marketing is another way to make prospects more engaged with your brand. It’s also cheaper to engage with them on social channels rather than spending on traditional advertising. One of the main reasons for this is that social media gives you 100% feel-good trust. This blog talks about how using an influencer during the interview process can change the game by tapping into people’s ‘love of voice,’ finding their ultimate ‘why,’ and adding real value to it.

Concluding thoughts on adopting new ways to generate revenue with social media

Social media is the new way to produce sales revenue. The opportunities for generating revenues are endless depending on what form our social media content will take. It doesn’t matter if you’re only posting updates or ads, LinkedIn posts or Twitter tweets, Pinterest pins or YouTube videos; there’s a way to generate revenue from virtually any platform. As always, don’t stop thinking outside the box and including social media in your advertisements could be your best option yet.


Social media has been a great asset for small businesses in penetrating the market and broadening their reach. No one is more aware of this than Mark Cuban, who explained on his blog about the power of Twitter to promote a brand or product exceedingly fast. It can grow a company from obscurity to ubiquity in just 140 characters. Every organization needs help from its social media team to keep up with all the data. Nowadays there is so much data on your customer it would be impossible for a human to pull out what they’re looking for in a timely manner There has been a lot of coverage of AI advancements in recent years. Many businesses have exposure to the use of AI and how it may or may not replace positions AI is an affordable resource that can be used as a business process automator

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