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Top 10 Best Beach Chairs

About 60 million people will hit the beach in the United States this year.

How many of those do you suppose will bring a beach chair?

Well, we’re not exactly sure, but probably quite a few.

So instead of mingling among the sand dwellers this summer, opt for a funky elevated beach chair and lord it above the rest.

But don’t just settle for any old second-rate product. You’re going to want the best beach chair money can buy.

Our informative buyer’s guide will help you find the perfect option.


You can’t always park just a few meters from your preferred spot. Therefore, one of the most fundamental aspects of a good beach chair is portability.

Obviously, the more lightweight and compact a chair is, the more portable it’s going to be. With that in mind, look for a folding beach chair that packs down into an easy to manage size. Preferably, it should have attached carry handles, a shoulder strap, or a carry bag.

Some of the more advanced beach chairs even pack up into a cool backpack for ultimate portability.

Choosing a Material

Regardless of the style you settle on, it’s crucial to consider the materials as well.

Aluminum is lightweight, although pricey and fragile. Wood looks the part but can be a little heavy. Steel is super sturdy, though may be prone to rust (if not powder-coated) and can get hot in the sun. Plastic is cheap, yet undeniably tacky.

As for the cloth: the best beach chairs are made out of either polypropylene, polyester, or plastic. These materials are robust, easy to wash, quick to dry and allow that cool ocean breeze to sift right through. Cotton is a softer and more elegant option but tends to decay at a faster rate.

Beach Chair Designs

The Classic

A standard sand chair is an excellent choice for sun lovers after a cheap, portable, and no-frills option. Most are not adjustable and tend to sit just above the ground.

On the other hand, the similar Hi-boy beach chair is raised about 15 inches or so to provide a notable height advantage.

Beach Lounge Chairs

Beach lounges are the ideal relaxation contraption, capable of converting stress to bliss in a few minutes flat. We’re not sure why, but lying down in an elevated position is infinitely superior to lying on your towel on the sand.

When choosing a lounger, grab one that has multiple and adjustable reclining positions. After all, you’ll need to be able to lay flat for a snooze or slightly upright to read a book.

But with luxury comes a price: loungers are bulky and hard to carry.

The Classic Butterfly Chair

The good old butterfly chair is both a beach and camping favorite for its ability to fold in on itself for optimal portability. Some even come with a few added extras such as coolers or pockets.

The Inflatable Lounger

Due to its interior of compressed air, the inflatable lounger is one of the most comfortable beach chairs on the market.

These days, certain models such as the Chillbo Shwaggins do not even require an electric pump to inflate. Better yet, these products can be used as a makeshift inflatable kayak as well.

What’s next?

By now you should be well-versed on how to find the best beach chair this summer. All that’s left to do is work on those abs and hit the beach, baby.

Check out BestWareZone for the best product reviews and buyer guides on the great outdoors.

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Trending Beach Chairs Products

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