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10 Best Wooden Folding Chairs

If you have an outside event and you need a whole lot of seating quickly, wooden folding chairs are the way to go.The higher quality ones even look good, so if this event is something that you are going to be taking pictures of the audience, they are almost a necessity. As long as they are weather resistant, the rain or sun won’t hurt them too much, and they clean up nicely as long as you don’t scratch them too badly.

Other Types of Folding Chairs

In addition to wooden folding chairs, there are other typical types as well. These types include plastic folding chairs, metal folding chairs, and padded folding chairs. Technically, wooden folding chairs can have pads as well, which means that you get all of the positive aspects of the wood plus a little bit of additional comfort if you have to stay seated for very long.Metal folding chairs can look nice as well, but they can get heavy quickly, and they can rust if left out in the rain or in a humid environment. Plastic folding chairs can be light and rugged, but they can also look tacky if they are going to be in group photos.

Why Folding Chairs?

The primary reason that you would want to use folding chairs is if you need lots of seating that fits in a small area when it is time to store them. Chairs that don’t fold take up a whole lot of space – even the kinds that stack tend to start to overwhelm a storage area if there are very many of them.

Events That Require Folding Chairs

Some of the events that may require the use of folding chairs are weddings, lectures, meetings, picnics, open houses, or gatherings like book clubs or cooking events. There are also things like graduation ceremonies that require lots of fast seating that can be moved quickly after it is over.

Rent or Purchase?

There is always the question of whether you want to rent or purchase folding chairs. The best thing to do is sit down with a budget and a calendar to figure out how to deal with that situation. If you have extra money and extra storage space, in the long run it might be cheaper and more effective to buy your own. However, if you don’t have space or only have a little bit of money, renting is definitely the way to go. There are companies that specialize in renting chairs, tables, and tents, and they are probably your best bet to talk to when it’s time to make that decision.

Quality Issues

Wooden folding chairs tend to be the highest quality of chairs in the folding chairs family, so the price of them might be high than average. Just remember that it won’t do you any good to purchase something that is lower quality if you just have to throw it away after one use. Always use your best judgment when making any purchase, and chairs are no exception to this rule.Wood folding chairs come in a beautiful variety of colors and styles.  Popular wood choices include teak and cedar, natural (unfinished) wood, oak and cedar.  Folding wooden chairs are most popular with black or white padded seats and some even have a vintage style from the 50’s or 60’s.  There are even folding rocking chairs…can you believe it!?Unequivocally, the best place to buy cheap wood folding chairs is on the internet.  Online retailers can charge much less than retail stores since they order directly from the producers.  Good luck finding the perfect folding wood chair for your needs!

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