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What topics can I ask about here?

You can ask questions related to digital marketing. Your question must fall within any of the questin categories like online business, email marketing, eCommerce, search engine optimization, content marketing, social marketing, etc.

What types of questions should I avoid asking?

You should not ask questions that need additional effort required to be put to answer. No question should be asked with the intention of promoting self/ affiliate site of.

What does it mean if a question is put on hold?

Some questions, because of their unique nature, will be put on hold to give the community time to find, collect, and assess all the available information. No one is saying the question cannot be asked again. The idea behind putting a question on hold is that it gives time for others to better answer the question in the future.

How to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example

Minimal: It is a question that is not bloated with irrelevant details.Complete: It is a question that has all the needed details.
Verifiable: A question that can be validated by experiment or evidence.

What if I disagree with the closure of a question? How to reopen it?

If you disagree with the closure of a question, please write a review to CoderOrbit. It's the only way to reopen it.

Why do I see a message that my question does not meet standards?

You will receive a message like this, "We're sorry to inform you that your question does not meet our standards for answers."

Why are some questions marked as duplicate?

When a question is marked as a duplicate, it means that the answer to that question is the same as the answer to another question – either directly or indirectly.

Why are questions no longer being accepted from my account?

The good news is that we're working with our Trust & Safety team to reverse this. The bad news is, it may take a few weeks for us to get all your questions back up and running. We have no specific ETA on when this will be, but I'll post again once your CodersOrbit account has been reactivated.

Why is the system asking me to wait a day before asking another?

There is a limit to the number of questions you can ask per day. I hope that all these limitations won't prevent you from asking good question and answer them properly.

How do I ask a good question?

The best questions have the following attributes: * Well written, in particularly clear and concise. * The answers are not “in your face” obvious, so people can add their own thoughts to the question and answer. * The question is novel, meaning that it hasn't been asked millions of times. (Some topics get repeated every few days) * The question is not too narrow or too broad

What should I do when someone answers my question?

Thank the person who answered the question. You can click on their name to see some of their other answers. Write an answer that is detailed, specific, and well-researched. Make sure you provide examples and statistics to back up your opinions and claims. If possible, link to existing content that supports what you're saying. Leave a comment on each answer that you write or revise so other people know it's been updated with new information.