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Fisher Paykel DD24DAX8 Dishwasher Review

Nobody enjoys doing the washing up and with such fantastic dishwashers available these is really no reason to be doing so anymore, one of the best dishwashers which is highly recommended and second to none on quality is the Fisher Paykel DishDrawer Series DD24DAX8 Dishwasher. Fisher Paykel are very well known for producing quality products that will last a very time and when it comes to a dishwasher, I think it’s worth while spending a bit extra to get a well made one that’s not going to break easily and always provide a quality wash and that’s exactly what the Fisher Paykel DishDrawer Series DD24DAX8 does.

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Main Features

  •  Quality dishwasher that’s made to last a very long time.
  •  Reliable and will always clean to a very high (and hygienic) level.
  •  Very space efficient so ideally for medium to larger families.
  •  Uses a smart internal microprocessor that controls how the machine operators  based on load / wash cycle.
  •  The sprays rotate in different speeds depending on the wash setting to ensure the best cleaning results.
  •  9 different wash options.
  •  14 different place settings.
  •  Fully adjustable racks.
  •  Comes with a 1 year warranty for added confidence.


It’s really hard to fault the Fisher Paykel DishDrawer Series DD24DAX8 Dishwasher, sure it’s a little bit more pricey then some of the other dishwashers but how long are they going to last? if you end up having to buy two or three cheap dishwashers then it would work out more expensive, it’s always better to buy a quality product like this from the very beginning with the trust it’s going to working well for a long time. (If you really do have some budget constraints then we recommend the Avanti Model DWE1802SS Built-in Dishwasher)

The Double Drawer feature provides a great deal of space and you do not fill both of the drawer’s, you can still do a wash with just one drawer filled and the smark dishwasher will optimize for the best wash, it has 9 different wash settings so it really has all situations covered.

Final Verdict

Who Is The Fisher Paykel DishDrawer Series DD24DAX8 Dishwasher Good For? My answer would be simple, everyone. It really is a great option for both smaller and even larger families who need a quality dishwasher (with the double draws). It’s good for someone who wants to invest in a quality product instead of buying a cheaper dishwasher that could only last one to three years if they are lucky.

The Fisher Paykel DD24DAX8 is also a visually nice looking washer that has a smart look, it’s really a product made for convenience that is not going to take up loads of space in your kitchen but provides loads of dish space and also efficiency.

The Godfather of the dish washer world, Excellent amount of space and built with smart technology that adjusts to provide the best cleaning results. This washer is made to last a very long time and it’s impossible to fault.

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